Manitoba's Credit Unions
About Credit Unions
In today's changing economic climate, we are faced with many new challenges. The solution to dealing with change successfully is to gain control over our financial affairs. Control comes from identifying goals and putting into action a plan that will achieve those goals.

MemberSolutions is a software program that answers your financial questions. It provides you with a preliminary analysis that will help you identify and achieve your financial goals. A few of the most popular financial calculations are featured here.

Deposit Calculations
These calculations can forecast the future value of a deposit or series of deposits. Other features include present and future value of deposits as well as determining the interest rate earned.

Loan & Mortgage Calculations
Assists in determining the most effective method of repayment of loans including mortgages and allows you to project the effects of lump sum payments and different payment frequencies. It also calculates a full payment history for the life-time of a mortgage.

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